In the broadest way management skills are nearly anything that enables you to manage others effectively. This can include interpersonal skills, communication skills, general leadership skills and more. 

If you want to position your career successfully you will need to develop good management skills. They will allow you to act as an effective leader who can make good decisions, an  effective communicator with the soft skills necessary to inspire a team. A problem solver who can bring clarity to any situation. 

If you work on improving this set of skills you will see how they impact your job performance and opportunities. It has been more than proven that good or bad management can lead to success or failure of a project, team or company.

There are several well known key skills that a manager should have. Please have in mind that some abilities will vary based on your industry. Let’s have a look at what those skills are:

  • Technical skills: In a managerial role it is crucial that you demonstrate a keen understanding of the organization as a whole. Your knowledge and experience should guide all those in your team, helping them to achieve higher levels of success. You should be able to share useful wisdom and handy trade secrets that will help your team excel.
  • Motivation: Interacting with team members in a professional and skilful way will increase productivity and employee satisfaction. 
  • Communication: In every sphere, one of the most important responsibilities that a manager has is effective communication. This is key if you want a happy and successful team. It also applies to customers, effective communication improves sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Analytical skills: Key skill for all management positions. You should always know what data is most relevant for you, how to gather it, what the resulting numbers mean and how to apply it.
  • Innovation: We all know the importance of innovation in all companies, they all strive to develop the best new products or services. This means your competitors will always try to be ahead of you, the reason why innovation is a keyword for nearly every company. Businesses that innovate will succeed and grow.
  • Problem solving: Spotting emerging problems before they are apparent to everyone in the company and identifying the root of the trouble is a key aspect of being a manager.

Being a good manager means that you are constantly learning, keeping up to date on industry news, demonstrating a high level of conceptual thinking skills, among others. In every professional experience you have showing management skills will heavily improve your growth.


Industrial Management is a degree focused on students with strong technical and engineering skills. Our goal at IMIM is to provide our students with deep expertise in managing production processes, as well as the flexibility to shift their focus to suit the environment they’re interested in.

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