Last Friday, July 01st, ETSII-UPM School held an unforgettable Graduation Ceremony, where the students of the IMIM, International Master in Industrial Management programme, editions 16th and 17th, received their respective Master’s degrees.

The ceremony took place in the cozy auditorium of the ETSII School in Madrid with the attendance of Dr. Óscar García (Director of ETSII School), Dr. Sergio Domínguez (Deputy Director of Academic Organization), Dr. Jesús Juan Ruiz (Head of the Department INGOR), Dr. Rafael Ramos (IMIM Programme Director), Dr. Isaac Lemus (IMIM Programme Coordinator) and Dr. Ebru Susur (IMIM Academic Coordinator). The ceremony also had Dr. Jay Wasim & Dr. Frank Siedlok (IMIM Programme Coordinators from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh & Dubai campuses) as guests of honor.

Unlike other years, these two graduating classes had experienced a complex situation that was unprecedented until now because of the Covid-19 crisis. In the 16th edition, 2021-21, it was not possible to carry out an event with similar characteristics to those of past graduations and it was postponed until this year.  So, the students were able to enjoy an emotional event held jointly with the 17th edition, 2020-22, where both ended an academic stage full of unforgettable experiences. In addition, their families and friends had the opportunity to share and enjoy this special day with all of them.

In the Graduation Speech, Dr. Rafael Ramos thanked all the students for their effort and commitment to the Programme during these difficult and uncertain times, and encouraged them to fight for their dreams despite the circumstances.

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