The IMIM program celebrated the Academic Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2022-2023 on September 7th in ETSII -UPM. The ceremony has been chaired by the director of the IMIM program, Rafael Ramos, and the academic coordinators at UPM, Isaac Lemus and Ebru Susur. The event was also attended by the IMIM administrative staff, part of the faculty team at UPM as well as academic and administrative representatives from the IMIM partners universities who were connected online.

At the beginning of the session, the Director of the program welcomed the new IMIM graduating class, composed of 14 international students, who then introduced themselves individually.

During the ceremony, the academic coordinators of each partner university of the IMIM consortium made a presentation of their institution, explaining what it would be like to study with them for a semester. They participated in order of intervention: Isaac Lemus (Academic coordinator at UPM, Spain), Frank Siedlok (Academic Coordinator at HWU-Edinburgh, Scotland), Shereen Nassar  (Academic Coordinator at HWU-Dubai, UAE), Paolo Landoni (Academic Coordinator at POLITO, Italy), Jing Shao (Academic Coordinator at NPU, China) and Ebru Susur (Master thesis coordinator at UPM, Spain).

After the main ceremony of the IMIM 2022-2023 academic year opening, a welcome cocktail was held in the main hall of the ETSII School with the participation of the new students cohort and the UPM team (academic coordinators, administrative staff, and teaching faculty).

Once again, the IMIM family would like to welcome to new 2022 students! Congratulations on being admitted to IMIM!

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